The excess and dishonesty of Joe Six Pack

Why, doggone it, does Palin use this term? I am left to presume that Mr. Six Pack is married to Mrs. Hockey Mom and Palin is seeking votes via an appeal to the cultural mores that this couple represents. But Joe’s carrying of a six pack is suggestive of weight problems. So Joe’s culture is one of excess, one that until recently at ease with easy credit. Indeed, so sanguine about excess was this culture that it embraced the dishonesty of sub-prime lending. Borrowing far beyond one’s means was as normal as downing another of Joe’s beers.

Palin – a candidate bathed in untruth – wants to have this Presidential election defined by the contours of this culture. Joe the Plumber fits this backdrop perfectly but not in the ways that Republicans argue. As Joe isn’t his real name and evading taxes, not fitting kitchens and the like, is his game, he is actually Sam the Liar. Thus, rather than a further surprise turn in this election, as we are told, he is typical of it and a motif for his times. This is the “bigger truth which is out there” but McCain would tell you otherwise. That would be sadly typical of him, however.